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Bulk bag fillers for high volume bag filling and industry-best densification

Spiroflow bulk bag fillers include a selection of simple economical solutions for low volume filling to the industry-leading high-volume fillers for highly densified material, increased bag stability and maximum throughput.

The Spiroflow Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler is one of the most versatile and capable bulk bag fillers in the industry. Unlike other fillers, the CTE bulk bag filler features the company’s patented cone table densification system which densifies material in the bag, increases bag stability, and bulk bag filling throughout.

Consider CTE Bulk Bag Fillers when you require maximum bulk bag densification, bag stability, bag stacking capabilities, weighing accuracy and the highest bagging rates.


  • Best Densification & Bag Stability
  • Unmatched Bag Stacking
  • Weighing Accuracy
  • Industry Benchmark High-speed Bagging – 35+ bags/hour!
  • Multiple Bag Types
Bulk Bag Filler